Finno-Ugric Chess Players

2013. jan. 26.
28 (#1569)
0 (#13117)
May 13, 2019
Hey Friend! Feel free to join The Blitz Chess League. The members with the most points at the end of seasons are gifted 1-year memberships to or clothes from the shop.
Dec 17, 2015
g'day from Oulu snow stopped only about 6-8 cm -4 C temp..
Dec 17, 2015
Aug 4, 2015
The Major, for one, has answered the call and has polished knights and blessed bishops and maintained morale of all 8 pawns..
Aug 3, 2015
Hi. I ask all of you, to register to these two team matches. In both games ours is the weaker set-up, so come on! and
Urgent need for help!

Urgent need for help!

Juhomorko | 2015. febr. 5.
Dear Finno-Ugrics! We are badly out-rated in our match here: I was forced to remove three players from our roster due to a rule that players can represent only one team in the league. Match starts soon so please, join the match!! Best wishes, Juho
Finno-Ugric's meet Budapest!

Finno-Ugric's meet Budapest!

Juhomorko | 2015. jan. 18.
Hello team mates! We have a match with team Budapest and we would need some strong players to help us balance the match! Join the match and make new friends! Thx! -Juho
One player or more needed

One player or more needed

Juhomorko | 2014. jún. 20. We need one or more players >1600 to join the match. I hope we can get some chess force to this currently outrated match! Thank you. -Juho
Team match needs players!

Team match needs players!

Juhomorko | 2014. máj. 28.
Our prestige chess team needs two chess heroes rated >1601! You will find the match here: Best wishes, Juho
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