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Make a progress with Eneasz's Academy

Make a progress with Eneasz's Academy

FM ENEASZ | 2021. júl. 30.
I am FIDE Master ENEASZ and my highest ELO was about 2400. I have a BLOG and STUDENT'S GROUP at I am 27 years old and I studied Finance and Accountancy at University of Economics in Katowice. I am TOP BLOGGER, Coach and an entrepreneur - owner of Akademia Eneasza I want to show quite extensive training materials prepared by me, over which I spent several hours. It is free for You to show and learn. I use it to teach my chess students. It concerns my games mostly from Po...
This Is How You Use 4-Move Checkmates to Improve

This Is How You Use 4-Move Checkmates to Improve

NM RobRam | 2021. jan. 6.
Hello Everyone! Even if you are struggling with 2 move checkmates, you must watch this lesson because more than solving puzzles, you will learn how to use this kind of Chess training to help you make it to the next level quicker.
Two Rooks Are Better Than A Queen: Learn how to handle it like a master!

Two Rooks Are Better Than A Queen: Learn how to handle ...

NM RobRam | 2021. jan. 3.
Hello Everyone! Once you watch this lesson, you will be eager to trade your queen for your opponent’s rooks - no more hesitation! You will know exactly what to do in such cases. After all, 2 > 1 and 10 points > 9
Learn how masters study Chess games: Capablanca’s masterpiece

Learn how masters study Chess games: Capablanca’s maste...

NM RobRam | 2020. dec. 29.
Hello Everyone! In this lesson, we analyze my favorite Chess game of all time, but more than that, I will be sharing a few things that can help you when you study games on your own. Hope you find it helpful


Ptomate | 2020. dec. 25.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas may it bring you Joy, Happiness and everything else you deserve...
Do you know “Triangulation”, “Distant Opposition”, “The concept of the Pawn that Stops Two”?

Do you know “Triangulation”, “Distant Opposition”, “The...

NM RobRam | 2020. dec. 25.
Hello Everyone. It is time to learn the fundamentals of Kings and Pawns endgames. This is a must know if you want to make it to the next level. Hope you find value in this lesson!
Structured Chess Lessons to Help You Get to Master Level

Structured Chess Lessons to Help You Get to Master Leve...

NM RobRam | 2020. dec. 24.
Hello Everyone! Feel free to check out my Youtube channel where I am adding new videos every week. I am putting together a step by step course to help anyone get from complete beginner to master level. If you find value in it, feel free to subscribe and share with someone who might benefit from it. Thank you!


DHANUKA_VIMUKTHI | 2020. aug. 1.
August 1st is Spider-Man Day. Marvel's Stan Lee first brought the web-slinging hero into the comic book universe in 1962. The awkward teenager turned superhero quickly became a fan-favorite. 57 years, countless comics                                              Let's Celebrate Spider Man Day                                                                                                                                                                                  .....................


DHANUKA_VIMUKTHI | 2020. júl. 21.
Hello everyone, we just got 100 members! it's incredible how much this club has grown and I hope we can continue to expand it!. I would like to thank all the inviters, match participants and members who make this club so fun. I hope everyone likes the club and I hope we continue to grow.THANKS, EVERYONE! EAT THI...