Promote to King

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2024. jan. 1.
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Join Promote to King: we would be honored to have you in the team and playing on our side!

This club is dedicated to chess enthusiasts, enjoying playing lots of daily games in a friendly spirit. We are welcoming motivated players seeking challenges and willing to improve. We organize many, such as daily team matches for all levels, thematic matches, vote chess, and live tournaments. We are also active in leagues.

Our objective is to become a highly competitive club in daily team matches, but not at all costs: we'll always make the people come first, and we want to be a social environment where members are encouraged to take part, give advice, and make the club live not just because of its match activity.

Internal competition is also  encouraged to motivate the members by issuing regular rankings for members and giving shout-outs to best performing team members.

Why join us?

  • Daily team matches: we offer each day several daily matches aimed at all levels of players.
  • Vote chess: we play vote chess, a great way to learn and share. We are registered in the 1WL vote chess 2024.
  • Leagues: we are registered in 1WL Classic Championship 2024 in U1700 and U1300, and in the 1200-1400, 1400-1600, 1600-1800 and 960 U1400 categories of the 1WL Spring Masters.
  • Thematic matches: we organize on a regular basis daily matches with thematic openings.
  • Top players monthly tournaments: the top 10 most performing players of each month are invited to play in an invite-only tournament to compete for custom trophies!
  • Ranks: play in team matches to try to climb the team ranks from Pawn to King!
  • Each quarter, participate in a daily tournament against other players of your rank!
  • Live events: coming soon.

Join us, make the team a better one, and have fun!