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Rock Rooks

Rock Rooks

Location: Janesville, WI
Alapítva: 2008. máj. 17.
tag: 48
Rock Rooks is a chess club on the University of Wisconsin - Rock County campus in Janesville, Wisconsin. It is open to students, faculty, staff, and the public. We currently have over 100 members in our campus club: http://rock.uwc.edu/services/chess.asp. We occasionally have tournaments, lectures by resident Life Master (USCF) Peter Webster, as well casual play in the Library. If you visit our campus, be sure to stop by the Gary J. Lenox Library and play a game on one of our new chess boards. Thanks to chesscentral.com. you can watch one of our chess instructional DVDs: Susan Polgar's "Chess the Easy Way" (10 vols.), Speed Chess with Maurice Ashley, 11 Roman's Lab DVDs, 11 Better Chess Now DVDs, and 5 Fritztrainer interactive PC DVDs. Our DGT board is available to record your games so that you can analyze your games later with Fritz. As this club is open to the public, feel free to join us. Questions can be sent to club advisor, bbeecher.


  • Bejelentkezve 1 nappal ezelőtt

    Nick French | Madison, Wisconsin, Egyesült Államok

    Csatlakozása a klubhoz: 2008. máj. 19.

    Nem jegyzett
  • Bejelentkezve Mar 19, 2014

    Josiah Stone | Janesville, Egyesült Államok

    Csatlakozása a klubhoz: 2008. máj. 17.

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  • Bejelentkezve 9 órája

    brian beecher | Grand Rapids, MI, Egyesült Államok

    Csatlakozása a klubhoz: 2008. máj. 17.