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Bojan Jovanovic
FIDE Értékszám 2348
Kragujevac, Szerbia

Hi,I am FM Bojan Jovanovic P I am 25 years old My FIDE ELO  currently is 2348. I am fully dedicated chess coach. I was Champion of my country in category B10, B12 & B18. I have 8 years experience in coaching.I had couple of successful students in...

Papp Petra
FIDE Értékszám 2337
Szeged, Magyarország

I am Petra Papp (2337) WGM. My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Showing general middlegames ideas (arising from the openings)- Improving calculation+endgame skills- Analyzing instructive GM games- Analyzing your gamesI have been on the Hungarian...

Paul Makarov
FIDE Értékszám 2212
Odessa, Ukrajna

Deep chess knowledge at a competitive price!  Training chess online (Skype). From beginner level till CM. Depending on your skill level we 1) Study the chess rules 2) Build your own opening repertoire3) Analyze your personal games4) Work both on tactics...

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Sergey Grigoriants
FIDE Értékszám 2568
Moscow, Oroszország

I am Sergey Grigoriants professional chess player and coach, (FIDE best: 2606).I give online individual lessons in English and Russian.My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Analyzing your games- I can show you typical middlegame patterns, develop...

FIDE Értékszám 2525
San Luis, Argentina, Mexikó

GM Hello everyone!! Hola a todos!!! GM Gilberto Hernandez, Elo 2525. Currently living in San Luis, Argentina Four times Mexican champion. More than 12 years as a highest elo in Mexico. My experience as a coach includes working with Anand and Vallejo in...


Hi! Im Matías (ELO FIDE: 2218) I offer Online Chess Lessons in spanish and english.  Im from Argentina, 31 years old. I run a chess academy in my country: ReyesyPeones. Certified as School Instructor by FIDE and Docente de Ajedrez by FEDA  i have 15...

Fidel Corrales Jimenez
FIDE Értékszám 2563
Boston, MA, Egyesült Államok

Hello everyone, I am GM Fidel Corrales. Currently living in Boston, MA!  I have been coaching chess for a long time and my specialty is getting players from 1200-1600s and bring them to the 1800s and up. If you are interested in improving your chess please...

Robert Aghasaryan
FIDE Értékszám 2531
Egyesült Államok

I am Grandmaster Robert Aghasaryan. I live in Los Angeles, California.I was Junior European (U10 at 2004), World (U12 at 2006) And Olympic Chess Champion (U16 at 2010).Winner of U.S Pacific Coast Open in 2016. Also Coaching professionally for several...

Kevin Davidson
USCF Értékszám 2298
Egyesült Államok

Hello!  My name is Kevin Davidson and I am a National Master with a current USCF rating of 2298.  I have eight years of volunteer and professional teaching experience, and I enjoy working with students of all ages.  I'm here for you and will do my best...

Michel Coto
FIDE Értékszám 2352
Artemisa, Kuba

(Spanish/English) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the TLCommunications Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Mail: Whatsapp: +5353223262 Two IM norms (struggling for the 3rd), I've...

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Zdenko Stupavsky
FIDE Értékszám 2402
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnám

Are you stagnating? Are you tired of losing games? Getting sick of clicking on the "Resign" button on this platform? If you want to change that then you have come to the right place! I can provide you with a service of high quality for a reasonable price....

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Pavel Sevostianov
FIDE Értékszám 2401
Kyiv, Ukrajna; ;tel.:+38(068)4800202. IM,NM Ukraine. Тренер-викладач з шахів.Освіта вища: -1987-89 кафедра шахмат ГЦОЛИФК(Москва); -1989-91 шахова спеціалізація ЛГІФК(м.Львів). Засновник...

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Valeri Lilov
FIDE Értékszám 2438
Varna, Bulgária

I am a 27-year-old International Master and professional chess coach. My FIDE rating is 2438 (Classical) and 2515 (Online). In addition to giving high quality private lessons, I work as a professional lecturer for many popular sites, including,...

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Colin Stapczynski
FIDE Értékszám 1989
Phoenix, Egyesült Államok

Hello!  I am a content creator, streamer, and coach.  I am a co-host on The Chess Couch, which you can find here:   I have been a Chess instructor for over 15 years and have...

Marcin Tazbir
FIDE Értékszám 2542
Wroclaw, Lengyelország

Few words about me:   I have been the Polish grandmaster since 2013, FIDE Instructor since 2015. I speak few foreign languages - English, German, Russian, a little bit Czech and I even know few words in Finnish   Why do I adore chess?   Chess allows...

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Gerasimenyuk Mikhail
FIDE Értékszám 2400

FIDE Trainer (Porto Carras, Greece)   My students were Champions and prize-winners of the championship of Ukraine, Israel and European Championship I offer private lessons online using Skype (Ukrainian,...

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James Coleman
FIDE Értékszám 2207
London, Anglia

Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 42 years old - ( so way past my prime  ) - and I started to play chess at age 7.   I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go with competitive...

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Cyrano Lossi
Guatemala, Guatemala

Hi everyone! My name is Cyrano Lossi, I´m an 18-yo CM from Guatemala, 4 times best U18. Keep reading for some of my achievements as a player. I´m focused on training dedicated players who want to raise their level. I teach my students with no limits from...

Mikhail Lushenkov
FIDE Értékszám 2434
Russia, Oroszország

Hi all! I'm a chess player, streamer, videoblogger. Follow me! По вопросам обучения обращайтесь  Ютуб канал с записями стримов -  Группа...

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Slobodan Mirkovic
FIDE Értékszám 2248
Belgrade, Szerbia

International master and FIDE coach. I was working with strong grandmasters and coaches.  I wrote 6 books that are popular in chess world and they are used for fast and efficent improvment in chess.The books that i wrote are part of project ,,European...

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AKA aww-rats
FIDE Értékszám 2220
Las Vegas, NV, Egyesült Államok

Full time Professional Chess Coach   Top selling coach on for last 5.5 years. They stopped recording this in March 2013 when I outsold all coaches on this site first 10 months of activity to move up to number 4 overall. I now teach chess 70...

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Ankit Gajwa
FIDE Értékszám 2302
New Delhi, India

Hi there! I am Ankit Gajwa, a FIDE Master with a FIDE Elo of 2302 from India. Along with an active chess player, i am also an experienced Chess coach. I have experimented with various tools and techniques of coaching and learning based on the theories...

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Kelvin Sánchez
FIDE Értékszám 2318
Carabobo, Venezuela

Hello friends... Available for chess lessons in english and spanish... Very good rates, excellents packages and methodologies for training...  If you want more information, Contact me...  Continue Reading... You will enjoy while to know me... Introduction... Hello...

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Azzama Bochenkova Bell
USCF Értékszám 1995
Greenville, Pennsylvania, Egyesült Államok

Hello, I am Azzama. I work as a Coach of Chess4Days Academy. My highest USCF rating is 2017 and FIDE 1883. I offer chess lessons on Skype in English or Russian. I teach beginner and intermediate level, both kids and adults. I customize my coaching to...

Dalton Perrine
FIDE Értékszám 2308
Orlando, FL, Egyesült Államok

Want to improve your game? Raise your rating? Become a MASTER? Some of the most affordable prices online for personalized online chess coaching to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!------------------------------------------------------------------I am...