Didn't Pizza in Paradise get cited by the health dep't? I am up for meeting somewhere. I am in Kihei near the Safeway..
Jun 29, 2021
Aloha, anybody playing chess on Maui?
Dec 11, 2019
Aloha Maui Chess People. there is another Chess Club in Kihei on Tuesday night. Meeting places differ from week to week. Text Me for updates. 808 8sixsix 21sixsix
Lend a Helping Hand

Lend a Helping Hand

uptophigh | 12 mag 2021
Help Maui. I just saw a beginning Maui chess player close his account after trying to improve in chess for 8 months. It seems he did not have any connections with anyone in this club. It is very sad for me to see a chess player leave the sport because is such a great platform to learn from. Please help other Maui residents to stay in the game of chess.
Winners Train,  Losers Complain

Winners Train, Losers Complain

uptophigh | 26 gen 2021
Chess winners do their chess puzzles, chess lessons, chess drills and puzzle battles. Chess losers complain about having to enter daily and live team matches.
Avatars present a good appearance

Avatars present a good appearance

uptophigh | 20 gen 2021
When you are representing an island team, your profile appearance is important. These are some quick guidelines. 1. Make your profile DARK so your opponents can not see what openings or defences that you play in chess. 2. Place a profile picture up, it is your avatar. It represents you in a chess match. I am a big fan of privacy. Your chess picture does not have to be a picture of you but it should be something. It should not be offence to others. You might want to concider a prof...
Maui Marriott Wailea Beach Resort Chess Set

Maui Marriott Wailea Beach Resort Chess Set

uptophigh | 17 gen 2021
Maui has an upscale hotel resort area at Wailea. Maui Marriott Wailea Beach Resort has a large chess set. I guess that resort has great taste in games.
Vote Chess Guidelines

Vote Chess Guidelines

uptophigh | 14 gen 2021
This guide is to demonstrate how we play Vote Chess (VC). Or more accurately,... TEAM chess.I will start by saying how NOT to participate in our Vote Chess games: turn up, look at the board and vote for whatever you want without reading or saying anything. If this is you STOP IT!! We call this kind of voter a Drive-by Voter. It is effectively sabotage! In order to minimise blunders getting voted for (sometimes they look very natural and very playable, but lead to disasters) we employ a contr...
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