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21 nov 2020
3 giorni fa
Lorenzo0703 all i did was take advantage of your blunder
7 giorni fa
In my experience, GuiltyKingFu is a rude, obnoxious, and frequently abusive person. I do not recommend playing or conversing with them.
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i am uniq player held top rank of all variants at fics
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u nubz follow me. i am god of variants.
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I love when I look and said the same message twice
European Czech Open Bughouse double(s) chess Gathering 2021

European Czech Open Bughouse double(s) chess Gathering ...

SKA_cz | 24 mag 2021
Traditional Czech Open bughouse gathering is planned this year in July 23-24th 2021, starting friday 23.7 from 15:00, continue saturday main tourney and possible more games after! There will be some adjustments because of Covid-19, but it will be !!! It didn't stop us last year to play and it won't stop this year either. We wish all players as good a health as possible and we look forward to meeting you. It will be 2s delay for move bughouse chess, but after the tournament, we are ready to p...
Inc is Anti(F)Lag = way to compensate bad interface and lags

Inc is Anti(F)Lag = way to compensate bad interface and...

SKA_cz | 7 gen 2021
On chess.com is bughouse (doubles) too much influenced and limited with unexpected invisible (chess.com dont show lag after move, so You don't realize You started having some lags until is too late) unpredictable lags and bad interface effects (most negative is that you drop different pieces than you wanted and it leads to losing game quickly often, some blinking of interface also). As interface on chess.com slowing games on one side by bad drops after some bad auto refreshes of pieces in han...
Blitz not bullet doubles (bughouse) time control

Blitz not bullet doubles (bughouse) time control

SKA_cz | 28 dic 2020
Time control 3 0 (or X 0 in general) is obsolete for doubles alias bughouse chess, same way as 5 0 is obsolete for standard blitz chess, where most people prefer time control with some time per/for move like 3 2 or rather 3 5 or at least 1 5 etc. Time for move is most important to determine speed of game. It's only a matter of time before new players realize that a 3 0 bughouse is actually the same as a 1 0, plus annoying waiting, and most will stop playing the bughouse because it places it a...