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Alex Holowczak

Oldbury, Worcestershire, Inghilterra
Iscritto dal
29 mag 2008
Ultima volta online
Sep 1, 2013
Membro Sostenitore dal 17 gen 2009

have been playing chess since the age of 11, and I went on to become the captain of my school at 15. This meant I had to organise tournaments and help to teach younger students how to play the game, in order to get into our school teams. I continually finished second in the school tournament to casmith_789. I lost to him in three finals. :-( I have now moved on to University, studying Maths, and have had two 2nd place finishes in the Birmingham Rapidplay and Warwickshire Under 21 Championship. 2nd place is becoming a habit!

I have set up a County Championship for English counties. Hence why I'm in so many county teams. If you want to join one, I can direct you to the relevant county. I was a Team England administrator until August 2009, but then I was removed from the administration, and even the team for ... well, I was never told why.

Feel free to challenge me. I like to stick to a maximum of 20 games, so the order of precedence in terms of my acceptance is as follows:

  • Friends (in real life, not Chess.com)
  • King Edward VI Five Ways
  • Worcestershire
  • Others
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