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Hello! My name is Guannan Song (but you can call me Terry), and I am a FIDE Master with 1 International Master norm.

I have 10+ years of teaching experience, the author of 2 chess books for Everyman Chess, and am one of the top players in Canada.

Please consider leaving me a follow!

Coaching Services: 1 hr session = $60 USD (75 CAD), 2 hr session = $110 USD (140 CAD), ten prepaid 2 hr sessions $1000 USD (1275 CAD).

I also offer training games with live analysis afterward for $50 USD (65 CAD)/1 hr.

Teaching Methodology: My expertise lies in opening theory, middlegame planning, attacking play, and tactical training.
I can also analyze your games and give feedback on areas of improvement.
Integral to my individualized teaching approach is tailoring each lesson to the student's goals, needs, and interests by developing a mutually agreed-upon action plan for improvement.

Credentials + Achievements: One of Canada's top chess players (peak FIDE rating of 2340), 17+ years international competitive playing experience, 10+ years teaching experience, two-time chess author (read more below!), former Canadian Youth Champion, former North American Junior bronze medalist, two-time official representative for Team Canada.

Payment Method: I accept payment using PayPal. (NOTE: it may be a few extra dollars to cover any PayPal fees)

A discount is offered to encourage more women/girls to play chess.

I also offer group lessons - message me for details.

Lesson Cancellations: I require a minimum of 3 days notice if a lesson needs to be cancelled. Otherwise, the full price of the scheduled lesson will be charged.

We will use or lichess and Skype to communicate.

If you are interested in lessons, please send me a message on with your name, Skype name so I can add you, an introduction, and your chess goals (and come prepared to the lesson with a few previous games, if feasible - rapid games are fine). 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

I previously authored 2 chess books for Everyman Chess titled "Practical Chess Puzzles: 600 Positions to Improve Your Calculation and Judgment" and "Mastering Chess Logic."

Check out my chess books below!

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