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Dear friens of Chess , become part of our crew.

We love chess and tournaments.

We support each other, host many events, upload learning material and need your cooperation to grow.


Click here to join Live-Tournaments and more


Hello, we are the club Live-Tournaments and more (Ltam) and we would love to have you join us.

We host daily regulated live tournaments, provide learning materials, puzzles and have discussion forums. It is important for us to intervene with our members.

We have been around for 6 weeks and we already have over 470 members. We need much more, so that our tournaments are well attended.

You can help us by joining.

We also respect when players have less time and to avoid annoying notifications we recommend to customize our club settings so you will only be notified about what you want to see. Since you can join as many clubs as you like, we would like you to give us a chance. If you like to contribute and take responsibility we can also offer you a place where you can take over tasks independently and on your own responsibility. Have a look, be a part of our community and help us to grow. When we have reached 1500 members you can expect a raffle and a competition to get a diamond membershipdiamond.png, the condition is to be among the first 1000.

Thank you for your time.
Stay healthy and good luck with chess.