Hello everyone it's me Asaw! and Here is a about me! 


I won the 5th place of the National tournament I have over 1300_1400 Elo fide and yeah we can tell that I'm goog at chess and I like so much the chess community

My best friends :

@CDRED141 : Well well well this I thing the guy who adjust me to Admin in the group of the friendship and he is so nice and kind. Thank you so much for all what you are doing. Just a thing, don't play fast ans continue like this.

@Deeplearn_Official :Huh I think he is the person who I rematched more. Huhhhhh

@LongLiveAslan : I knew him because he was on a tournament in and he told me to friend him, and know, we are real friends.

@Willyplayschess24 : A real twitch chess streamer. He was on live in twitch, he was fighting subs in his stream. I beat him and I think that we are really good friend. Just SUB To him DONT FOLLOW, SSSSUUUUB. 

@ItsTimefortim : I just want to sayyy TIM WRITE YOUR CHAPTERS !!

@hughienews : A real freind, thanks hugh to be my friend !

@Theqmjmmasta  : The best blogger I know ! follow he's blog, It is so good !

@hiryali thanks for the profile picture

So yeah I also have a blog about chess science. Check it out