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Hello Internet. I am Dorian Kang, a (check my blog) year old person. I am a Top Blogger and the Youngest coach. I charge $35 USD or CAD for Canadians (not active). I'm a FIDE Candidate Master and Canadian National Master. Please check these links:

My blog: 

My Youtube channel: Chessdemon2019 - YouTube

My Twitch channel:

My club(s):  Dead 900+ member club. Active 250+ member club. Active, official club of Canada, 2900+ members. SA in there. Active 1000+ member club. SA in there.

My Titled Record since Nov 1st 2020:

Result CM FM IM GM
Win 6 10 1 1
Draw 0 4 0 0
Loss 3 12 3 1

*This will be updated but some of these values are highly inaccurate.

Players Adopted: @ananthramdas

Players Adopted By: (None)

Ask me for an adoption match if I have time I will accept. Can only be < 3 mins long.

Requested by people. This is my highest FIDE rated OTB win (Other than beating IMs who play bad tongue.png). Not showing the IM game because it was horrible quality, but check the above game grin.png. I am black in this game, and white is WGM Zhou Qiyu, more commonly known as @Nemsko on

This game was a beauty of a finish. I'm glad I pulled it off.