Membro Diamond

Amante de Xadrez.  Lover of the game of chess.

How it all started.

I was first introduced to chess in my home town primary school - Moray Primary by one British Exchange Teacher Mr. Jones.  I am forever indebted to him.  I didn't play it much in primary as we did not have a chess club.  


My first Chess Club

Front row second from left, in my Chess colours blazer


When I made it to high school, one of the first things I did was join the Gifford High School Chess Club.  I spent six solid years playing chess like an addict.  I learned a lot during that time, made a lot of chess friends, participated in school matches and some team chess tournaments in Harare and Masvingo (Zimbabwe).  I cherish the memories I have of my time spent in the high school chess club.  Thank you to DC Beere and Orlando Fernandes for being dedicated chess teachers in charge of chess.  You made my time in the chess club a memorable experience.


After High School

I was "chessed out" and shunned the game.  I didn't get any of the formal training I needed apart from game practice and that frustrated my stunted progress in chess.  I thus wanted to do other things.  University life on campus kept me busy on other fronts.  


Decades Later - Return of the Prodigal Son (Dec-2011)

I discovered and I couldn't believe the site.  Its an awesome site!  I've been a Diamond member since and have a game going all the time.  I love!  Its good to be back in chess, my love for the game was rekindled .  

I am now a Chess Activist and passing on my love for the game to to the younger generation.  Hope to make a career of it so that I can do what I love doing sustainably.