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Please STOP 🔴 and reflect on these crucial questions:

- Are you aiming to dramatically enhance your Chess rating? 📈
- Encountering frustration with your current chess strategies?
- Feel like you're facing an insurmountable plateau in your game? 🤦‍♂️

I'm Cyrano Lossi, a 23-year-old Candidate Master from Guatemala, with a history of dominating the U18 category four times and a rich teaching experience that spans over 7 years. My journey has been decorated with national and international accolades, including multiple U18 national championships across various formats and a significant presence in Central American chess competitions.

As a FIDE licensed instructor, I'm not just about sharing knowledge; I'm about evolving with it, ensuring that both my students and I grow together in the realm of chess. My approach is holistic, aiming for interactive sessions, personalized material, and continuous support, especially during tournaments. Whether it's through detailed game analysis, flexible repertoire options, or the unique algorithms method I employ in teaching, my goal is to unlock your potential and elevate your game from 600-1500 to new heights.

For those ready to challenge their limits and transform their play, I offer not just coaching but a partnership in progress. Let's embark on this journey together, where your dedication meets my commitment to excellence. Reach out to me, and let's turn your chess aspirations into achievements.

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German.

Playing experience

- Gold medal, Centroamerican student games CODICADER 2016 (rapid)
- U18 national champion (Guatemala), blitz (2015)
-U18 national champion, classic (2015)
- U18 national champion, classic (2017)
-Candidate master title (Costa Rica, 2018)
-7th place Central American and Caribbean U20 (2018)
- First category (+1800) national champion (2018)
-U18 national champion, classic (2018)
-Actual FIDE rating: 2032 (highest: 2050)
-Actual national rating: 2076 (highest: 2099)
- Team Silver medal JUDUCA 2023
- FIDE licensed instructor 2024-2025

Contact me by DM/mail: