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Greetings my friends and welcome to my "About Me". By reading this you will be able to know more about me and my activity on the site.

The Chess Warlords

I would like to start by presenting my own club, The Chess Warlords. I created the club in the Summer of 2023, and suddenly it started growing very fast. My goal with this club was to create a community full of strong chess players, and make it competitive. Guess what? In October we had a match against ᛒᛊᚱᛇᛊᚱᛕᛊᚱᛇ on 131 boards. Currently we are participating in the seconnd highest division of ONE World League, and participating it the Knockout Chess Leagues. If you are a strong chess player, looking for a club, where you can participate in various events on the top level, I invite you to join my club. happy.png

My Blogging Carrer

I've just found out this function of Chess.com and I started enjoying it. I have made one blog so far about my journey in the Chess.com Daily Chess Championship. Feel free to check out if you haven't done it yet.

About Me

I'm Nagy Dávid-Ervin, a 16-year-old passionate chess player hailing from Romania. I'm currently a highschooler. I learned chess at the age of 4, and with two years of chess experience, I've already left my mark. I won my city's Junior Chess Championship twice and collaborated with many chess players over the world. My FIDE Elo doesn't reflect my chess skills. My current FIDE Elo is 1006, because I haven't had an opportunity to participate in many rated tournaments, but you can estimate my strenght if I tell you that in our city's tournaments I was holding a draw against a 1900 FIDE rated player and I secured a convincing 5-0 record against a strong 1700 FIDE rated opponent. I'm almost always playing in the 1600-1800 rating range in tournaments and I'm constantly having a pretty good performance. Constantly honing my skills through tournament play, I'm always up for the next opponent on the chessboard. I am coached by IM Barátosi Dániel and I have learned a lot from him.

This should be my FIDE Profile: https://ratings.fide.com/profile/42216826

And here are some pictures from my last OTB Tournaments: