Membro Diamond

Hi. I know 11 facts about you:

Fact 1:You are reading this.

Fact 2 you can’t say ‘m’ without touching your lips.

Fact 3. You just tried it.

Fact: 4 your on my profile.

Fact 6. You play chess

Fact 7. You did not notice that you missed fact 5.

Fact 8. You just checked it.

Fact 9.you’re wanting to get this thing over with

Fact 10. You did not notice that “I know 11 facts about you” is a fact.


1: I am a male

2: I am Christiam

3; I have a Blox Fruit Youtube Channel With 450+ Subs

4: I Love Steak

5: I Hate Keefe (Sorry @kotlcfangirl111 )

6: I Like Chess

7: I think Kotlc is one of the greats!

8: I Hate sanitizer nursery smell

9: I am trying to learn Chinese

10: I like playing risk!


@Wolfheart32 (We have been through alot together)

@GMChinaRules (We also have been through alot)

@ummmha (My personal protégé!)

@youyouyouyou1234 (I AM STILL BETTER AT CHESS! lol He is my friend in real life)