Hey guys I'm Micah! And I love Jesus Christ!  I became a Christian in a devotion with my dad when I was 7, but I didn't really see much fruit of Gods love in my life until I went to a Christian camp in Texas called TBarM. If you would like to know about the true love of Jesus Christ, PM me or leave a message on my profile! I would love to help you in your walk with our Saviour. 

Some of my favorite songs (Always Changing) are: 

  • Cake by the Ocean (Clean)
  • Hymn of Heaven by Phil Wickam
  • Guns and Ships from Hamilton
  • The Goodness by Tobymac

I love to learn and would love to answer any questions about history you might have.

I will love to thank my friends here, SweetPeaBuddy, who sparked my love for my fellow youth through the CYCT.

CoronaVirusPandemic and BrownBears who actually convinved me to make a chess.com account. 

There is so many people that have been great friends to me on here that it would take forever  to thank them all. But thank you to all of them! You know who you are. 

Here are some of my favorite memes: happy.png

Some of my favorite quotes are: 

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing ~Martin Luther

Also Check out this awesome piano video. Just wait to the middle. It gets better. My favorite sports are: ⚽⚾🏈

My favorite animals are:🐨🐬🐼🐆

My favorite color is: Blue

My favorite movies areSaving Mister Banks, Hacksaw Ridge, and Overcomer. 

I highly recommend the Christian Youth Chess Team if you are looking for a Christ-Like group to have friends and hang out with likeminded people. 

Also, I love to make logos and pfp's. If you want one, contact me! I'd love to make one for you. 

Thank you for reading my profile, have a blessed day!