Membro Diamond
Hello, my name is Jimmy (married to Yanti, with 1 daughter Charisma), a Christian, 54 yo. Live in Bandung, Indonesia. I was a computer programmer and I was a private tutor of Math and Physics.
In 2019 I used to play monthly rapid chess tournaments which was held at Café Hejo Chess Club, Kopo Permai, Bandung.
My intention here is to enjoy playing at (my other account is Jimbeta-1 at Lichess), and at the same time I want to improve myself. If you have the interest as I do, please feel free to contact me, and let’s analyze your games together.
{In 2019 after I have done some chess puzzles in John Nunn's book, he estimated my elo rating to be around 2029}.

" There are two types of sacrifices : correct ones, and mine. "  [Tal]
" Enjoy chess, improve and if it doesn't come, at least you enjoy it. "  [Kramnik]

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Students  :  ImGonnaQuit (HardlyAble @Lichess) <vacation>
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