My name's Jared Martin, and I live in southwest Minnesota. I've been getting to more OTB tournaments recently, and my OTB has risen almost 500 points in the last year; I'll be a master before I turn 20 at this rate. As it is I'm still underrated. 

"My life just flashed before my eyes, and it looked like a junk food commercial"

"Every time I watch basketball, a thought hits me: I should change the channel." (Brandon McCarthy)

"A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day"

I manage the Destroying Destroyers for NSPCL, and in the NSPDCL, which I'm also an admin in. I also play in the Raburn League for the Stillman Valley Cardinals. I've also played in all three years of NSPBCL: in season 1 I played with the Pro Chess Gamers; in Season 2 I was board 4 for the season champions CHT, and in season 3 I played for Chess Family 4.  

My best chess accomplishment was finishing higher than the rar king, @Joseph_Truelson, in an OTB tournament late in 2019. Here's proof. Feel free to bug Joseph about this. 

BIO UPDATE: I just realized that was tremendously out of date, so as of now I've mostly quit chess since going to uni. I sometimes pop back on, though, so keep a wary eye open....