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Hello! I'm Umesh (a.k.a Middlegamer or MGU on chess.com) from Hyderabad, India. I'm 15 years old - a high school student and an amateur chess player. I love chess "for its own sake" and never feel tired playing chess  happy.png. I'm a Top Blogger here on chess.com, so follow me if you want to receive updates. If you'd like to talk to me about anything, please do contact me (via notes, messages, or chat) - I usually respond within 24 hours (unless something's wrong - like going on a school trip or being kidnapped). I'm always eager to learn, and I do this by reading a lot of books. I'm also very active here on chess.com, like my points suggest. This is a great place to learn, train, have fun or even trash talk. If I kept writing, this could go on forever - so I'll stop here, but this might keep getting updated. Thanks for reading, have fun!

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