Membro Diamond

NOTE: I am Russian, but prefer the english language because I know the keyboard, so expekt  some typos (Ok, that one - Expekt instead of Expect - was on purpose)

Hi guys!
My Lichess username is Knightmairre and I know how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube (Average one minute at solving it)

By the way, if you're in cubing just like me, join the Rubik's club

My other hobbies other than cubing is playing on the clarinet.

I am an e4-e5 kind of player, though, I do like playing the King's Gambit, as it is aggressive and fairly rare. I also like the Stafford Gambit because it's arguably one of the most trappiest opening. Another opening I play is the London system because It's simple and strong. Sometimes, I do play the Fried Fox Defence for black, when dealing with stronger players

Where my Username came from and my backstory

I started playing chess when I was four. I wasn't that great at it, constantly losing against my family, so I quit chess for five years (You read that correctly. It shocks me too). Five years later, I was somehow, interested in playing chess for a few days. And that's when I discovered this website.

Did you know, my favorite pieces are the Pawn and the Knight (But mostly the pawn)? When I just joined Chess.com I wasn't... the best (Click here to see what I mean). So we bought a membership to have access to the lessons. And you know. It helped out a ton. During the period of nonstop learning chess (For one or two months), I heard this quote: "A pawn can be your best friend or your worst nightmare"

I didn't come up with my username straight away. This account was first named Glowknight (Whatever number), then Horreum which I didn't like. I wanted to switch it to a username which I would like. Related to something more like chess. So I wanted another one.

From the quote above related to pawns (One of my favorite pieces), they mentioned the word nightmare. If you listen closely (You actually don't), you'll notice that you'll hear the word 'Knight' (My second favorite piece). So that's how I found out, a word sounding 'Nightmare' would be the perfect username. Since Nightmare was already taken, the second closest thing I could think of was Nytemere. 

My Theme

You can already see my background but this is my Chess Board theme:

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If you need help with Achievements there are two clubs you can join:

  1. Achievement Club
  2. Achievement support team

Favorite Games played by Me!

  1. The highest ever Accuracy ever reached is 97.5 (At depth = 30 analysis)!
    1. Link to the Analysis. Click here!
  2. Windmill tactics 
    1. The Game
    2. There was another one but I can't find it... 
  3. Nice games
    1. Nice Piece Coordination (At least in my opinion, It happens pretty rarely to me)
    2. Center + Flank Pawns Storm Ok, this was played a long time ago but I still think It's a nice game
    3. Why I love the King's Gambit 
      1. The Don't Doubts
        1. Don't doubt the King! Like, seriously, it's a brilliant attacking piece This is the game where I reached 1200 Rapid Rating
        2. You guys should stop doubting the pawns (As well as the Knight). 
  4. 4PC Games
    1. Close Antichess Game me being Yellow

My Favorite player in Chess History...

Apart from Bobby fischer because everyone likes him

... Is Paul Morphy!

Three facts about him:

      1. He had a 72% win rate!
      2. If he would be alive to this date, his rating would be about 2600, which a strong GM
        1. If you want to have a comparison, Magnus Carlsen who had the highest rating in chess history, had a rating of 2800 this year. Paul would be just 200 points away.
      3. He trained himself by watching his father play. At age 10 he was probably at master strength

I know 10 things about you:

1. You are human

2. You are reading this

3. You can’t say the letter “p” without separating your lips

4. You just tried to do it

6. You are laughing at yourself 

7. You have a smile on you face and you skipped number 5

8. You checked to see if there was a number 5

9. You are laughing at yourself because everyone else fell for it

10. Now copy and paste this and see who else falls for it too

The End?

So I'm terrible at chess. I was once better, smashing sub 1150 rating at rapid, but now, I can't even win a game against them, or notice anything above four to five squares.

I tried to fix that, by studying more, but well, it didn't help. In case you didn't understand, I'm retiring from chess for now. I'm not closing my account because I might come back onde day (Also because I made some friends here)..

See you soon

- Nytemere