Membro Diamond

Hello! I love to play chess and my USCF rating is 1114. It really shouldn't be that low because I'm much better than what I'm actually rated. Maybe 1600 or 1700 USCF.

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I have a +297 score vs. @bongocat1 (402 W | 105 L | 26 D)

Adopted: @Noel-BOT, @Wayne-BOT

Almost Adopted: @Elani-BOT (9.5)

Best wins against: @Samiha2000, @PERRO914, @kapilstund, @MaxBarnes (was @MaxFlaggedYou at the time), @GoPikachu, @MikeChesser, @LonelySabishii, @TheBloodyfox, @2Ke21-0 (Formerly @Chess4PK), @Strider23cpk, and @SpicyMcMuffin.

Chickens: @Sid_S12 (ran away after 4 wins)

Adopted by: @Rychessmaster1 (No surprise)

So, in the U.S., there is a day called memorial day, where we mourn from our relatives deaths. Well, at the time, I was playing in the Washington Open, and the Washington Open Blitz Chess Championship (WOBCC)! I played a GM (I lost, no surprise)! Here's the game:

I almost beat a CM in an arena! Here's the full game:

Focus always comes before excitement!
Can I get to 1800 in Rapid, Blitz, and Bullet? Post your opinions in the notes below!
Blitz peak: 1683 (134 rating points to go! As of 8/16/20)
Bullet peak: 1701 (99 rating points to go! As of 8/16/20)
Here's another game! This time I won against 1700 when I just reached 1000 in blitz!
(For some reason he resigned idk why)

Do you like My Hero Academia?

Denki Kaminari is my favorite character!

Well done! You read my profile!