Regarding playing me, just a couple of things. 

If you want a rematch, don't flag me down an exorbitant amount of material just because you think a fast mouse makes you a better player. Learn to resign. Sure, winning on time is valid, but it looks dirty and doesn't help you improve. I'm here to get better, so I refuse to waste my time playing people like you more than once. 

If you think I cheat, report me. I might have played an exceptional game. Or, more likely, you are just upset you lost. If I did cheat and catches me, my account will be banned. Let me remind you that I have been here for several years and have been accused several times. I don't cheat. Beyond this, if I do believe you are cheating, I will likely mention it and proceed to report you. If you aren't, kudos to you for playing an exceptional game. 

Trash talking in general is unacceptable, especially in a gentlemen's game like chess. If you want to trash talk, go find a different game. Specifically, one without me.