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Andrew Nelson
Wisconsin, United States
Iscritto dal
12 mag 2008
Ultima volta online
1 day ago

I have been playing chess for about one year now (as of June 2009), and I think I'll be playing for many years to come.  I play online poker as well: ChampionBeast @ Ultimatebet; RocketBeast @ Pokerstars, and also enjoy playing poker with friends whenever possible. I love to play disc golf! I have achieved 10 hole in ones after about 9 years of playing.  If you've never tried disc golf, I urge you to try it if there's a course near you!  Join our Disc Golfers group here on chess.com if you're interested in learning about it -- it's a great sport for all ages and abilities, and it's free to play at local courses!   

I like to go out or stay in with friends and have a few (or more than a few) beers. I play acoustic guitar, I am mostly into Dave Matthews and John Mayer, but can relate to any kind of music.

Feel free to challenge me and teach me a thing or two!!

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