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Hi my name is uhhh... well you dont need to know. I live in America, and I love playing chess. Welcome to my profile. Please read on.

My Tactics:

Puzzle Rush Leader Board

Adoption Section:

People who I have adopted (beaten 10 times in a row in any time control):

1. @dutchess83

2. @Hemerson_25

3. @Komodo1

4. @Komodo2

5. @frederickehrlich

6. @Fabstinkx

7. @Deepblueme

8. @BenjiBass

9. @xknight223

10. @GoldenDegree

11. @AntonioVivaldiJr

12. @komodo3

13. @Wayne-BOT

Double Adoption (double adoption means beaten 20 times in a  row)   


Would be adoptions (beat 7-9 times in a row then they ran):

1.@Stevis5 (9 in a row)

2. @taylorhaid (8 in a row)

3. @GCEDW2001 (8 in a row)

4. @Vinisb06 (7 in a row)

People I have been adopted by: None (hope to keep it that way)


I have recently gotten into blogging. I hope that you will check out my most recent ones. Please follow or send me a friend request to keep up with the blogs.

Club Section:

Club #1: Please consider joining this great club called Chess Family. It was founded by my friend @Boraboy, and I have helped build it. We have had some issues with rogue admins, but please still join. One of our goals is to reach 200 members.

Club #2: Another club you should join is The Ultra Bullet Chess League. Here is a message from the admins: Ever wanted to play Ultra Bullet Chess (Really fast chess) but couldn't play 'cause there weren't enough players? Then this club is the perfect place for you! We have a lot of great segments (like UBVC 2019) which has just started and we have successfully conducted the UBCC 2018 where the winner is competing with GM Arjun Erigaisi and UBCCC 2018 has also been successfully completed. So what are you waiting for?

Club #3: This club is called the Not-So-Pro-Blitz-League or the NSPBL for short. It runs in the offseason of the NSPCL and is a rapidly growing club. we will be having our 1st few seasons soon so please join and help us grow to 1000 members.

Club #4: The last club I hope you join is Classic RAR. I am sure you have heard the name RAR before. You need to join now. Since I joined I have gained 100 rating points. It is the best club on

Club Awards:

1. Every NSPCL team I have ever been on has made it to playoffs

2. I won Bronze Medal in the UBCL U1800 Section.

3. In the first season of the NSPBCL my team placed first.


1.I captained an NSPCL team (Not So Pro Chess League) called The ROARing Lions. We made the playoffs in season 6.

2.  I am currently on the RAR Attackers. We are in the playoffs, and may win.

3. In the NSPBCL I also captain a team. This one is called the ROARing Lions as well. We are the reigning champions! Trophy is below.

Season 1:


Season 2:

I hoped all enjoyed this leave a comment if you would like to!