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Hi! I'm a Canadian Chess player from Canada who messes around in blitz.


My PCL (Pro Chess League) team is the ChessBrahs. They regularly stream on twitch.



SUB TO Berd or I will punch your foot


Join this club because I said so



Very first BRILLIANT move:

Rating: 1300

Maybe he was having a bad day.

Saved Endgame Analysis:

Challenge Information:

If you are going to challenge me, make sure it's unrated.



 - Played against titled players

 - Won against titled players (@ashwanitiwari, @Reb, @PervincaPeriwinkle, @ProphetoftheLord)

 - adopted @ragequit81 (15-0)

 - triple adopted by @Sakura-BOT

 - adopted by @IhlanRromeo14

 - casually lost to players 100 points below me


"I hear you can get food poisoning from raw fish. That probably explains why your opponents lost." - @aronian22


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