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19 dic 2011
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I am 55, physical education teacher and interested in evolutionary biology and human evolution (with a PhD in palaeoanthropology). I was born in Brazil but I am living in Switzerland since 1988.

I am interested in chess for several reasons. I am teaching beginners in a rehab clinic in Switzerland since almost 20 years. Among others I try to improve my game to be able to help my students. 

I like different aspects of chess, among others the development of the game (I am also a chess collector), the different methods used to improve the game, and the analogies between the search for good moves in chess and the search for strong hypotheses in science. I am also interested in different "methods" to search for strong moves proposed in the literature, as for example by Weaver Adams, Hans Berliner, Alexander Shashin, Iossif Dorfman or Charles Hertan. (I don't use these methods, I am simply interested in the reasoning of such systems.) 

I also use chess to learn languages. Perhaps you noted already that I am since months often in the forum, discussing every aspects of the game. I also try to read chess literature in different languages.

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