Membro Diamond

I will analyze games and help you improve! That is why I created Good Chess (more about them below). Message me if you want my help. 



Estemated to be 1300.

10 things I know about you.

1. Your reading this.

2. You are human.

3. Your checking the numbers.

4. You suck at chess.

5. You expected this number to be missing.

6. This is the 700th one you've seen today.

7. You don't care what i have to say.

8. Your skimming this.

9. Your laughing because this is true.

10. Number 5 is missing.

I don’t play bullet or blitz (except 1 match). Rate me by my rapid rating.

I have an alt account for lichess. Please contact me here.

My alt account: https://lichess.org/@/Waterstone33

I DO NOT accept friend requests. Unless i send it.

No asking me to send it.

I must choose in my own free will to do so.

My club:


I always appreciate advice and thank you in advance (but this hasn't happend recently).