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So, I was muted again for my normal pirate style convos being auto detected in my PMs to friends.

Even though it was quickly reversed, (am sick of this happening) it has put me behind in some of my games, being an admin / in convos suddenly not able to talk not tenable to be on the site for the hours I had planned to be yesterday.

I will chip away at this backlog but understand if I pause them.

As it is well into November by now it's going to be even more busy a month.

Anyway blame the site, not the playa.


Update: am still trying to clear a bit of a backlog of games every third day. this is still the result of my muting the day before halloween, see above.

I just don't see why I should rush out dumb moves when the whole thing was an auto-mute so blame the autobots I do have other things to do, and it's tough - I only have X amount of brain power for chess each day, and am almost out for todaysad.png I will try and play some games if I can but if they are exciting complex games .... possibly not today.


Update: I still have too many games on the go, especially every third day, but luckily I also seem to be making some progress so it's getting easier to get through them. I'd only join a very special tournament or accept a new game from my son I think at this stage.

It's a shame we can't see a chart anywhere of how many pending games we have signed up for.


Am a wahine in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

I tried playing chess for the first time since I was about 7 in December 2018 and have become completely absorbed by it. I have some learning issues that seem to hinder some progress but I don't mind, I think my goal with chess is to always love it.

I guess you could call this next position an example of : Queens pawn, Krause Variation um black probably shouldn't try THAT again xD

Another more stupid game that I OBviously did not win after getting used for canon fodder but then I won his Queen by ab-pinning it xD  : but was very exciting turn around for a moment. A Stylish attack under pressure, then pin and recheck point, Queen sac at least. xD

Also isn't this game pretty (and balanced) :

pretty, balanced

New favourite game:

https://www.chess.com/daily/game/231112722 contains my first brilliant move !!!

doesn't seem that brilliant eh lol, seems wise.

Also, if you follow on from there, it calls my complex (for me) sac operation a blunder, which seems weird since I end up an extra +1 on material, perhaps it didn't notice I was going to get his B no matter what, so I would be an extra +3 as well, so isn't that what you are supposed to do, sac even pieces when you are ahead?


I discovered chess in December 2018 and completely fell in love with the game.

PM me if anyone wants to learn about trying linux or making your browser set up tight to protect your personal data.  Also love learning new languages so if you teach me bits of yours I can help you learn kiwi or a more formal English. For instance, try to never begin sentences with "Also" as it is a focusing adjunct (does not stand alone) and I probably should rephrase that previous back end : a more formal style of English. Us Kiwis are so slack xD but we have US, UK, and Aussie television mainly, so we have kind of become abreast of many styles of vernacular.  IE: we can understand all English speaking people which is funny as most can barely understand our accent and slang!

Granite is supposed to be about the hardest rock you can get on earth I believe, that can feasibly be turned into chess boards. very pleased with this acrylic rubbed in the etchings effect, and still for all intents and purposes is perfectly flat. Could be cut a teensy bit deeper I suppose but other techniques will pop up. it's nice having the sheen difference as well as colour, as you can really sink into the game more like an ocean. The other piece I will try and make the squares take up the entire 16 inch slab. My brass set obviously needs the extra board space, 2 inches per square is looking mighty fine in my mind.

May all lost souls eventually find their way home.