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My name is Yogesh Poddar, I am 14 year old, My birthday on 1 September. I like to watch BTS and black pink. My fav k-pop is junk kook and v. I like many sports like cricket, chess, carrom, football, badminton, etc.

I also like singing, dancing, gyming, swimming etc. 

My favourite songs are left and right, sweetheart, Paro Paro etc.

  @MindCrazyCool , @barrygage is my best friend forever or want to be 💜💜💜

 @HRIU17 , @Demon-Lover7384 my nice friends 

I am a member of Iskcon

I also write quotes like - I don't need someone when I am alone just me and myself, looking at the mirror and talking with the moon 🌝 means I am alone, My heart is broken because I gave someone to broke 💔💔, 143 means not only I love you it's also mean I hate you , no one can see my brightness in the morning because moon always bright in the darkness 💕💕🌝

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