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"Don't Fall For Zykorian Economics... The planet Zykor is located in our galaxy and is populated by the Zykorians. The Zykorians are a nice peaceful people but are somewhat dumb. This is probably due to centuries of inbreeding. Some of their descendants are on our planet. You can recognize some of these individuals by their political philosophy. They engage in the destructive and ruinous policies of class warfare and envy. Nothing positive! Unfortunately, due to their lobotomize state, they can not understand Prosperity Economics. This states.... The true wealth of a country comes from its ability to produce Not consume. Tax policies that punish production will make a country and its people poorer not richer. Punish entrepreneurship and you sabotage the true architects of progress. Don't fall for Zykorian Economics."

-Sanford Kahn, Business Author/Speaker

Are you having fun in life?

If so, you're about to lose a game against a bot.

Strangers that I trust include @Tal (@Chigorin/@BERSERK)

Welcome to my profile.

Small note for @Tal, one of the best people (if not THE BEST) who has brought me to the next stage, always a step ahead of me and very kind-hearted, humorous, funny, and a dangerous chess player with deadly tactics and a tiger that pounces at the pieces on the board of 64 squares

Good Friends to Remember




And an old friend, @Krashtarsta (Another stranger, but I know everything about him now)

I didn't know he had a sister though. surprise.png @Victory_2007

@Togishere (This stranger is the friendliest you will get)

@Perseus-Jackson (stranger)



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