4teamchess international

4teamchess international

4teamchess international

Chess.com is awarding a thirty-day Diamond membership for the top 4 players in our members-only competitive events each month. , starting May 3rd, 2024. four members scoring the most points at the end of each month will be eligible for the memberships. Points are zeroed at the end of each month to give everyone a chance at the Diamonds.

The competition is team-based with a novice, 2 intermediate, and an advanced player. Members score points by improving their average in rapid games. Rules are posted on our tournament website. We are affiliated with chess.com and use your rating data from games played there. If this interests you please DM me with a request to join and I will add you to the roster and give you directions to view the daily results. To join our chess.com club, click here: https://www.chess.com/join/4teamchess-international



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