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Well, you’ve come to the right place! is the #1 place for sharing, learning, and playing chess for kids and grown-ups alike. Over 5 million chess lovers – young and old, GMs and beginners, love And here’s why:

Intuitive Interface: Whether you want to play a game, watch a GM video, or take lessons from our chess training tools, you are just a few clicks away! Our interface is so easy to use that even a 5-year old child can easily navigate through it.

Master Instruction For All Levels: Whatever your child’s playing skill is – beginner or a GM in the making, our wealth of GM videos, articles, Chess Mentor Lessons, and more will slowly and surely hand-hold your kid to the next level.

Together with our playing tools, online tournaments, and other kid-friendly features, is the best site for chess online for kids. Sign Up Now For Free!

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