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Get Your Repertoire Up To Speed With Our Chess Openings Database!’s Game & Opening Explorer Database is all you need to keep your opening repertoire up to the speed of ever-changing theory. Containing millions of master games and games played by PROs and amateurs at, this valuable games and chess openings database blows other ‘pretenders’ out of the water.

Get more than just moves! Our full win/draw/loss statistics for every move and position let’s you pinpoint, with laser accuracy, which lines are hot and which lines are not.

And like icing on top of a cake, you can save the most instructive positions for you and add your own comments. You can even join the lively forum discussions about the lines you find most relevant.

That's just one of the reasons why everybody, beginners and GMs, all agree is the #1 place for playing, learning, and sharing 'all things' chess!

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