Chess Pieces Names

Want To Learn The Chess Pieces’ Names?

Let’s do a quick rundown – the tallest piece in the game (which has a cross on top), that’s the King. Right beside it, the second tallest piece, is the Queen. Next to the King & Queen are the Bishops, followed not by the horses but by the Knights. And finally, the pieces on the corner are called Rooks. As for the small chess men in the front row, they’re the pawns…always ready to advance!

That wasn’t so hard, was it? And’s Beginner Section & Introductory Videos will walk you through the very basics of the game – from the name of the pieces, how they move, the goal of the game, and everything else you need to know to get your first game started.

Our rich learning resources will improve your game whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player, or an expert. And for practice, don’t sweat. We’ve got you covered too.

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