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Chessgames.com And Chess.com – Let’s Compare!

Database And Opening Features: Chessgames.com has it with its database and game explorer features. But Chess.com is not to be outdone! With its massive Opening & Game Explorer Database, Chess.com equalizes in this department.

Playing Features: Chessgames.com – none! But Chess.com has truckloads of it! With Live & Online Chess, Vote Chess, Tournaments, Chess960, and more – Chess.com  is the clear winner here.

Instruction And Training Features: Chessgames.com has Guess-The-Move. Chess.com has something much better than that and more. Our Chess Mentor System is the best chess training software you could find! Plus, our GM videos, articles, Tactics Trainer, and more make Chess.com head-and-shoulders ahead of Chessgames.com in this section.

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