Postcard Chess

Postcard Chess

Postcard Chess

So You’re Still Playing At Postcard Chess!?

Well, if you dig correspondence or turn-based chess, it’s time to make the switch to Why? Simple, it’s because we’ve got all the goodies that Postcard Chess has to offer, and a ton more!

Play Turn-Based Chess With Our Online Chess Server – Play with your friends or any member anytime and anywhere. Choose your own pace – a day, two, three, or even seven days per move. Even better, you can play an unlimited number of simultaneous games and there’s no need to download anything!

Play In Online Chess Tournaments – Think you have what it takes? Then join our Online Chess Tournaments. You can play in’s official tourneys or join any of the smaller round-robin competitions that our members hold regularly.

Instruction tools, chess training programs, coverage of the biggest chess events – we’ve got all of those and more. Sign Up Below For Free And See For Yourself!

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