Attacking Pawn Chains

Attacking Pawn Chains

Learn how pawns can help you reach the opponent's king!

How does the pawn structure help you pick an attacking plan? Join GM Eugene Perelshteyn as he introduces several essential pawn structures from both e4 and d4 openings and shows how to use them to attack. Openings as diverse as the Sicilian and King's Indian Defense all feature pawn structures that can help you play brilliant mating attacks. Learn the connection between pawn structures and attacking today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how the King's Indian Defense offers great attacking play!
  • Learn how to break open Black's king with the Sicilian Grand Prix!
  • Learn how to go king hunting in the Torre Attack!
  • Learn how the Stonewall Defense is really an Attack!

"Thank you for the wonderful KID lesson... the strong themes in your lesson have helped me understand both the theme of the opening and the idea of attacking pawn chains. All the best and stay safe!" - Chess.com member Antonino77

"GM EugenePerelshteyn sure knows how to put deep thought into a concise form presented in a cognitive fashion." - Chess.com member Cynicles

King's Indian Defense

Do you know one of the most exciting and flexible openings against 1. d4? GM Eugene Perelshteyn continues his theme on powerful attacking pawn chains with a lesson on the King’s Indian Defense, which is often the preferred system for aggressive players against the queen’s pawn opening. GM Perelshteyn shows you how to achieve an attack with its signature central pawn chain.
22 min
5 Challenges

Sicilian Grand Prix

The Sicilian Grand Prix is always good for some crazy pawn action, and GM Eugene Perelshteyn shows you the very best way to attack with one of the most powerful pawn chains in the game. Learn the optimal plans for both sides in this exciting opening, which can often turn into a race on opposing flanks.
16 min
5 Challenges

Torre Attack

One of the most exciting and dangerous formations in chess is an attacking pawn chain. GM Eugene Perelshteyn demonstrates how to accomplish this menacing setup in a very common opening, the Torre Attack! Even if you’re an e4 player, you can often achieve this exact pawn chain in your openings, as well.
19 min
5 Challenges

The Stonewall Defense is Really an Attack

When is a defense actually an attack? When it’s an aggressive Stonewall Defense! Beautiful attacking pawn chains are not just for White; Black can quickly setup a deadly chain in this opening. GM Eugene Perelshteyn teaches you everything you need to know about getting your pawns rolling in the Stonewall Defense — which should be called the Stonewall Attack!
18 min
5 Challenges