Bishop Battles

Bishop Battles

Make your bishops count!

Join GM Jon Ludvig Hammer as he competes with strong Grandmasters including former World Champion Vishy Anand. Each game is influenced by Jon Ludvig's handling of bishops. Watch his masterful use of the bishop pair, fights between bishops and knights, and opposite-colored bishops. Enjoy and keep a close eye on Hammer's bishops. Start using your bishops like GM Hammer today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to use your bishop versus a knight on the highest level!
  • See how former world champion Anand used his bishop with devastating consequences!
  • How to use your bishop pair as a strong attacking force!

The Power Of The Bishop Pair

Can you handle the awesome power of the bishop pair? GM Hammer really hammers home the beauty and value of the two bishops in this, the first of his five-part course.
24 min
5 Challenges

Winning With The Bishop Pair

How can the bishop pair help you win with Black? Combine their powers as an unbelievable attacking force! GM Jon Ludwig Hammer shows you the way in a recent victory.
16 min
5 Challenges

Bishop Battles: Hammer vs Banikas

Do you prefer bishops or knights? Opinions differ, but almost all grandmasters usually prefer the bishops, especially in pairs! Find out why as GM Jon Ludwig Hammer breaks down one of his games against another grandmaster.
20 min
5 Challenges

Fear The Bishops: Hammer vs Krasenkow

GM Jon Ludwig Hammer presents maybe the best game that he's ever played, against the 2700 rated GM Michal Krasenkow. Check out his positional pawn sac, exchange sac, and the ensuing complications. It's a veritable feast of strategic goodness that must be seen to be enjoyed!
27 min
5 Challenges

Anand's Bishops in Norway

GM Hammer takes on a living chess legend, Vishy Anand, in this must-see lesson! Find out how the Indian Grandmaster was able to notch an important win in an interesting Reversed Dragon opening by using the power of the bishop.
19 min
5 Challenges

Bishop Battles

Master Games
5 Lessons
106 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released May 17, 2019
2,660 Students