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Chess Traps and Miniatures Part 2- Checkmates

Chess Traps and Miniatures Part 2- Checkmates

Get ready for more opening traps!

This course contains positions that lead to checkmate. All the positions are from real games that ended quickly, less than 20 moves. Most of the games are from opening traps in which an opponent fell victim and quickly got checkmated. Look for the attacking patterns and tactics that lead to checkmate. Check out these amazing opening traps now!

Here is what you will learn:

  • A look at real games that end in 20 moves or less!
  • Discover new attacking patterns and tactics!
  • Learn amazing opening traps to use on your opponents!
  • Leonhardt - Schwarz, Hamburg 1905

    Here is a position that leads to checkmate in just a few moves. All the pieces work together to finally mate the enemy King. The King becomes hunted, then finally mated.

    • 4 challenges
  • Alekhine - Vasic, Banja Luka 1931

    This lesson demonstrates how former world chess champion Alexander Alekhine attacks the enemy King, sacrifices a piece to open up the position, and uses his two Bishops to deliver checkmate.

    • 2 challenges
  • Oudheusden - De Vries, Amsterdam 1934

    This lesson demonstrates the combination power of the minor pieces. The enemy King is caught in the middle of the board and moves around until finally checkmated.

    • 4 challenges
  • Bartsch - Jennen, Germany 1948

    This lesson demonstrates a mating attack against a King that has no protection and is caught in the center. White's pieces are all placed well to carry out the attack against the King.

    • 3 challenges
  • Paschmann - Kuraschat, Corr. 1986

    This lesson is a common opening trap in the Blackmar Diemer Gambit. White has mating threats against a King caught in the center of the board with no protection.

    • 2 challenges
  • Helbig - Schroder, Hamburg 1933

    When the enemy King is exposed and away from any piece that can guard it, it can come under attack and perhaps get checkmated in just a few moves. This lesson demonstrates how to attack an exposed piece and get it into a mating net.

    • 3 challenges
  • Steiner - Stiassy, Brunn 1925

    This lesson demonstrates the power of the minor pieces when attacking an undefended King. It took a Bishop and two Knights working together to deliver a checkmate to a King with limited mobility.

    • 3 challenges
  • Krauthauser - Hermann, Siegen 1934

    This lesson demonstrates how an exposed King can get checkmated quickly. Black just needs a few pieces developed to attack and mate the enemy King.

    • 3 challenges
  • Shaw - Whitney, Correspondence 1949

    This position demonstrates a mating net against a King who is driven far away from home and mated in enemy territory. Black brings out his pieces to surround and mate the enemy King.

    • 3 challenges
  • Euwe - Abrahams, Bournemouth 1939

    This lesson shows how former world chess champion Max Euwe defeated one of England's top chess masters, Gerald Abrahams, by surrounding and attacking the King. He cuts off all escape of the King, then delivers the checkmate.

    • 4 challenges
  • Chapman - Halliwell, Ilford 1953

    This lesson demonstrates a checkmate when the enemy King is caught in the corner.

    • 3 challenges
  • Saulson - Phillips, Chicago 1907

    This lesson demonstrates a checkmate after a Queen sacrifice. The enemy King is caught in the center and the King cannot escape the attack.

    • 4 challenges
  • Jacobs - Rosenkjar, USA 1945

    This lesson shows how you can checkmate the enemy by luring the enemy King into your territory. There are several checks, including a discovered check that helps win the game.

    • 5 challenges
  • Borges - Rocha, Rio de Janerio 1933

    This lesson starts out with a sacrifice by White. Black takes the piece and gets mated. White has all the advantage with developed pieces and Black is caught in the center, cramped, and a weak pawn structure.

    • 3 challenges
  • Schlosser - Kanschew, Corr. 1967

    This lesson clearly shows how to take advantage of well developed pieces against a cramped, vulnerable enemy. The attack against the enemy King leads to mate.

    • 5 challenges
  • Boleslavsky - Gurgenidze, Rostov 1960

    This lesson shows how to take advantage of open files and an enemy King caught in the center. White gets a strong attack against the Black King that leads to checkmate.

    • 6 challenges
  • Tarrasch - Schroeder, Nuremberg 1890

    This lesson demonstrates the power of the open file and a vulnerable King. The combination of the Queen and a few pieces leads to a quick mate against the enemy King.

    • 3 challenges
  • Weigel - Ebert, Correspondence 1936

    This lesson shows how to trap a king in the middle of the board and checkmate it. A Knight, Bishop, and Queen work together to mate the enemy King.

    • 2 challenges
  • Herman - Wyman, Correspondence 1945

    White played a poor choice of opening moves in a King's Gambit Accepted and is now surrounded by the Black pieces. White eventually gets checkmated because of poor development and defense.

    • 3 challenges
  • Blake - Hooke, London 1891

    White has all the development and Black has a King that is exposed to attack. This leads to a checkmate in 5 moves, but it involves a sacrifice.

    • 5 challenges
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