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Combinations of Alexander Alekhine

Combinations of Alexander Alekhine

Learn to attack with World Champion Alekhine!

Want to learn tactics from the games of an amazing attacker? Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating chess legend Jose Raul Capablanca in 1927. He is remembered for his fierce and imaginative attacking style. A strong master once wrote, "In playing through an Alekhine game one suddenly meets a move which simply takes one's breath away." Start attacking like Alekhine today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn from the tactics of a World Champion!
  • Practice calculating!
  • Find the combinations that defeated star players including Capablanca!
  • Alekhine-Munoz, Sabadell 1945

    Alekhine was one of the greatest attacking players, and he also had the ability to see the potential for an attack where others saw nothing. Max Euwe said, "Alekhine is a poet who creates a work of art out of something that would hardly inspire another...

    • 1 challenge
  • Alekhine-Lasker, Zurich 1934

    In August 1914, Alekhine was leading an international tournament in Mannheim, Germany when World War I broke out. The Russian players in that tournament were interned in Rastatt, Germany. "Life in prison was rather monotonous," Alekhine later...

    • 3 challenges
  • Bogoljubow-Alekhine, Germany/Holland 1929

    This is a game from the World Championship match between Alekhine and Bogoljubow. "Bogoljubow is aggressive and enterprising," wrote Alekhine before the match. "In our understanding of the essence of chess we have a certain similarity, but we have very...

    • 4 challenges
  • Alekhine-Petrov, Warsaw Olympiad 1935

    In June of 1919 during the Russian civil war, Alekhine was arrested by police -apparently due to someone informing on him of being a spy - and was sentenced to death. He was charged with links with White counter-intelligence, after the Russians liberated...

    • 2 challenges
  • Alekhine-Reshevsky, Kemeri 1937

    Alekhine was married 4 times in his life, each time to older women. In early 1920, he married the Russian baroness Anna von Sergewin, who was several years older. For a short time in 1920-1921, he worked as an interpreter for the Communist International...

    • 3 challenges
  • Capablanca-Alekhine, Buenos Aires 1927

    This game is from the World Championship match in Buenos Aires in 1927. Alekhine won the title, scoring 6 wins, 3 losses, and 25 draws. This was the longest World Championship match until the contest in 1984 between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov....

    • 3 challenges
  • Alekhine-Colle, Paris 1925

    "When I first met him, at Pasadena in 1932, I began to understand the secret of his genius. He was showing a game with Euwe played at Bern a few months earlier, and his eyes and bearing had a strange intensity which I had never seen before. The man loved...

    • 4 challenges
  • Alekhine-Freeman, USA (Blindfold Simul) 1924

    Alekhine writes this about one of his early weaknesses, "My first tournament victory endowed me with a curious psychological weakness which I had to work long and hard to eradicate - if indeed I have ever eradicated it! - the impression that I could...

    • 4 challenges
  • Alexandrov-Alekhine, Correspondence 1909-10

    Alekhine once told a border policeman: I am Alexander Alekhine, Chess Champion of the World! I have a cat named Chess. Papers? I don't need any papers.

    • 2 challenges
  • Alekhine-Hofmeister, Petrograd 1917

    Alekhine was never a good loser. This story is from the Summer 2000 Blitz Chess magazine in a tribute to Grandmaster Arthur Dake. Despite having just completed a successful simultaneous tour, Arthur could hardly afford to lose money. In the next two...

    • 2 challenges
  • Alekhine-Euwe, The  Hague 1921

    This is a game with Euwe long before their World Championship matches. In 1933, Alekhine challenged Max Euwe to a championship match. On October 3, 1935 the world championship began in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Although Alekhine took an early lead,...

    • 3 challenges
  • Alekhine-Mindeno, Holland (Simul) 1933

    Alekhine was clearly ahead of his time in his approach to chess. According to my theory, the game of chess consists of three components: material, time, and quality of position. ... Alekhine was the first who began intuitively to combine all three factors...

    • 4 challenges
  • Alekhine-Feldt,Tarnopol (Blindfold Simul) 1916

    The years during World War 1 must have been very difficult for Alekhine. His parents both died prematurely during this time (after his father spent more than a year in a German Prison). Alekhine worked at the front for the Red Cross, rescuing the wounded...

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  • Alekhine-Supico, Lisbon Blindfold exhibition 1941

    At the end of the 1930's,there were negotiations with Alekhine to play world championship matches with both Botvinnik and Keres and Capablanca However, they were disrupted by World War II. He was representing France at first board in the 8th Chess Olympiad...

    • 3 challenges
  • Alekhine-Levenfish, St Petersburg 1912

    After the fall of France in June 1940, Alekhine and his wife found themselves in German occupied territory. He tried to go to America by traveling to Portugal and applying for an American visa. He also sought permission to enter Cuba and play a match...

    • 5 challenges
  • Alekhine-Fletcher, London (Simul) 1922

    In March 1941 during the German occupation of France, anti-Semitic articles appeared under Alekhine's name in the Pariser Zeitung. These articles said that Jews had a great talent for exploiting chess but showed no signs of chess artistry. He described...

    • 7 challenges
  • Gruenfeld-Alekhine, Carlsbad 1923

    After World War II, Alekhine could not play in any chess tournaments outside of Portugal and Spain because of his alleged Nazi affiliation. In the Autumn of 1945 he moved to the small Portugese town of Estoril. The pianist Dmitry Paperno writes of Alekhine...

    • 5 challenges
  • Opocensky-Alekhine, Paris 1925

    Alekhine was playing in a tournament in Mannheim, Germany when the First World War broke out. He was interned as a citizen of hostile powers. Rumor has it that he escaped from the Germans and made his way back to Russia. He joined the Russian army, was...

    • 3 challenges
  • Alekhine-Junge, Crakow 1942

    In March 1946 Alekhine received an official challenge from Botvinnik. It was agreed that the match would take place in London, but on March 24 the chess world was stunned to learn the champion died in his hotel room in Estoril, Portugal. The 53 year...

    • 4 challenges
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