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The Scotch Mieses Theory and Middlegame

The Scotch Mieses Theory and Middlegame

Learn the key plans for both sides in the Scotch Mieses middlegame!

Learn the Scotch Opening, a favorite of World Champions like Kasparov and Carlsen! IM Danny Rensch has played the Scotch his whole chess career and demonstrates the ins and outs of the critical Meises variation. Learn how to handle the unique middlegame structures and tactics that will give you an edge against your less prepared opponents!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn all of the key variations in the Scotch Meises Opening!
  • Learn how to handle opening surprises!
  • Learn how to play the Scotch like former Scholastic National Champion and everyone’s favorite IM, Danny Rensch!
  • The "Major Decision" in the Mieses

    We will take a direct look at Black's major decision, whether or not to try the murky middlegame positions, or simply go for the massive trade on e5 and play out the theoretically equal but difficult Mieses Ending. Theory says that the ending offers little...

    • 6 challenges
  • Main Line 8...Ba6 Theory Continued...

    After seeing a good example of Black's ability to apply and maintain pressure in our first lesson, it is now time to shift our line of thinking to White's side. From a practical perspective, White's plan is simple: Catch up in development; defend the...

    • 6 challenges
  • 8...Nb6 Mieses Theory and Middlegame Tactics

    The purpose of this lesson is to familiarize you with the difference between the 8...Nb6 Mieses Theory and the 8...Ba6 lines we have already looked at. Please note that the opening statements and descriptions are very detailed. We will also display some...

    • 5 challenges
  • 8...Nb6 Mieses - Technique and Conversion

    We left off in Lesson #3 having achieved the potential for a great Endgame; however, potential means nothing without accurate technique and focus on converting your advantage. Our lesson leads off with three critical positions where accurate calculation...

    • 6 challenges
  • Mieses Sidelines #1 - 8...Qb4+

    I would like to draw everyone's attention to one of, if not the most, important positional advantage White obtains in the Scotch Game: The King-side pawn majority and potential to attack via the f4-f5 pawn storm. This is important to understand, not only...

    • 8 challenges
  • Mieses Sidelines - 8...Ba6 with 9...Qh4 Part 1

    This particular Mieses Sideline is one of the sharpest variations in all of the Scotch Game opening. Black immediately exposes White's awkward pieces, but in order to actually achieve something Bblack must take a few big risks: Misplaced (almost trapped)...

    • 5 challenges
  • Mieses Sidelines  - 8...Ba6 with 9...Qh4 Part 2

    One note, quickly, on the previous position that we left off on: Instead of 14...f5!?, black also has the option of castling King-side. White will obtain an advantage after 15.Kc2 f6 16.e6! dxe6 17.Bh3 Rfe8 18.Nf3 e5 19.Bb2 and white is winning. OK, moving...

    • 5 challenges
  • Mieses Sidelines - 6...Ne4

    For our final lesson in the Mieses Variation (yes, we are almost done with this particular line) we will be reviewing a sideline that, although doesn't have much popularity, is definitely worth noting. I have faced it twice against two 2600+ FIDE opponents....

    • 8 challenges
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