Doubled Pawns: Pros And Cons

Doubled Pawns: Pros And Cons

Do you know how to handle doubled pawn positions?

How can you tell when to accept doubled pawns? GM Fabien Libiszewski demonstrates the pros and cons in sharp Caro-Kann and Nimzo Indian variations.

  • Learn the tricky Nf6 Caro-Kann.
  • Learn the classic Nimzo Indian Samisch Variation.
  • Learn how to make plans playing with and against doubled pawns.

Doubled Pawns: The Aggressive Caro Kann

How can you tell if doubled pawns are strong or weak? Join GM Fabien Libiszewski in his course on the uses and drawbacks of doubled pawns. We'll start with the exciting 4.Nf6 Caro-Kann. Black intentionally accepts doubled pawns, but it's often just the start of a powerful attack.
13 min
5 Challenges

Doubled Pawns: Attacking The Nf6 Caro-Kann

The Nf6 Caro-Kann gives Black an opportunity to play for a win, but White has good attacking chances as well. GM Fabien Libiszewski brings you a sparkling attacking game by GM Alexander Khalifman.
17 min
5 Challenges

Doubled Pawns: The Samisch Nimzo Indian

The Nimzo-Indian Defense frequently features a trade on c3, giving White the bishop pair, a big center and attacking chances. It all worked brilliantly for White in this classic game by GM David Bronstein.
14 min
5 Challenges

Doubled Pawns: Squeezing The Samisch

Despite White's initiative, the Samisch Nimzo-Indian isn't popular among Grandmasters today. See how GM Pavel Eljanov took advantage of Black's better pawn structure and won a great game.
13 min
5 Challenges

Doubled Pawns: Pros And Cons

4 Lessons
57 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released October 6, 2020
5,654 Students