How to Be Lucky In Chess

How to Be Lucky In Chess

Learn how to win games and make everyone think that you're just a lucky chess player!

Do you want to win more games and make your opponents wonder how you keep getting lucky? Join GM Daniel Naroditsky, one of the top online chess players in the world, as he demonstrates the skills that help win time scrambles in blitz and bullet games. Your opponents will think you're lucky, but if you learn these tricks, you'll seem to get lucky more and more frequently. Start getting lucky in chess today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to win most of your time scrambles.
  • Learn how to swindle your way out of trouble!
  • Learn how to make practical decisions.
  • Learn the best ideas for blitz and bullet games!

"I see Daniel's video lessons maintain the same level of excellence typical of his Chess life column." - Chess.com member theotherone

"Got a lot out of this video. Great content! Worth watching." - Chess.com Member ScottNoCa

How To Be Lucky In Chess: Flagging Basics

There is a saying that applies in many competitive pursuits: It's better to be lucky than good. While that might not be entirely true in chess, it's a good idea to have luck on your side. In this first lesson, the speed chess expert GM Daniel Naroditsky shows you the secrets to flagging your opponent in time pressure.
12 min
5 Challenges

How To Be Lucky In Chess: Be A Time Scramble Beast

Time scrambles are an inevitable part of fast chess if you play enough, so you need to know what to do in them. GM Naroditsky is himself a beast in time pressure, and he will teach you how to be like him in this lesson.
14 min
5 Challenges

How To Be Lucky In Chess: The Swindle

It's happened to everyone. The game has gotten out of hand. Your opponent is objectively winning. Should you smash that resign button? Maybe not. Learn the art of the swindle, setting traps for your opponent in a worse position.
16 min
5 Challenges

How To Be Lucky In Chess: The Art Of Being Practical

There's endless debate about if chess is an art, science, sport, etc.—the truth is it's all of these, but in the moment it is a competition. Learn from GM Naroditsky how to take a practical approach to blitz chess in this lesson.
15 min
5 Challenges

How To Be Lucky In Chess: The Mechanics of Blitz

In this video GM Daniel Naroditsky demonstrates some techniques that can bring your blitz results to the next level. You want to be fast in blitz, but the quality of your play still matters. How can you strike the right balance?
12 min
5 Challenges

How to Be Lucky In Chess

5 Lessons
69 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released December 9, 2019