Learn the King's Indian Defense

Learn the King's Indian Defense

Learn one of the most dynamic defenses to 1.d4!

Want to play for a win against 1.d4? The King’s Indian Defense has been the weapon of attacking players for generations, from Bronstein to Kasparov to Nakamura! This course will demonstrate the key plans and move orders for both White and Black. Start playing the King's Indian Defense today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to play either side of the King’s Indian!
  • Practice thematic King’s Indian Tactics!
  • Find the moves in one of Hikaru Nakamura’s best ever games!

"I've recommended this lesson to many students, who now all have the King's Indian Defense in their opening repertoires! Another fantastic job by NM Mattson and NM Kane!" - Chess.com member NiiLoC

Learn the King's Indian Defense

Learn the essentials of the King's Indian Defense with an educational video on move order, pawn structures, and key themes to know.
19 min
10 Challenges

King's Indian Defense Thematic Tactics

The King's Indian Defense is a complicated opening with numerous tactical opportunities for both sides. See if you can find winning tactics for Black and White.
10 Challenges

The King's Indian Defense Model Game: Gelfand vs Nakamura

Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura is one of the leading proponents of the King's Indian Defense for Black and has won many brilliant games. See if you can find the moves in this 2010 game against World Championship Challenger, Boris Gelfand.
1 Challenge

Learn the King's Indian Defense

3 Lessons
19 Minutes
21 Challenges
Released January 15, 2020
53,610 Students