Learn The Scotch Game

Learn The Scotch Game

How can White open the center and imbalance the game right away after 1.e4 e5?

Learn the ins and outs of the Scotch Game for both sides.

  • Practice thematic tactics for both sides.
  • Find the moves in a thematic attacking game in the sharp 4...Qh4 Scotch.

Learn The Scotch Game

If White wants to imbalance the game after 1.e4 e5, the Scotch Game is an excellent idea. White takes over the center, but Black can often gain a lead in development. Learn the key ideas for both sides.
22 min
10 Challenges

Learn The Scotch Game: Thematic Tactics

Practice thematic tactics in the Scotch Game for both White and Black.
10 Challenges

Learn The Scotch Game: Model Game

Learn from a brilliant attacking game in the Scotch by GM Sergey Karjakin.
1 Challenge

Learn The Scotch Game

3 Lessons
22 Minutes
21 Challenges
Released August 31, 2022
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