Learn the Sicilian Dragon

Learn the Sicilian Dragon

Learn to play and to slay the Sicilian Dragon!

The Sicilian Dragon is a fire-breathing opening! If you're looking for a complicated and fighting line to play against 1.e4, this might be the line for you. If you play 1.e4 and want to know how to handle the Dragon, you'll also want to take a look.

  • Learn the key ideas and move orders for the Dragon!
  • Practice mating tactics for both Black and White!
  • Find the moves for a brilliant attacking game in the Dragon!

It's just a matter of throwing in a few sacrifices, then checkmate! - Bobby Fischer on the Sicilian Dragon!


Learn the Sicilian Dragon

Learn the essentials of the Sicilian Dragon with this video on key plans and attacking ideas for both sides.
13 min
10 Challenges

Sicilian Dragon Thematic Tactics

The Sicilian Dragon is a sharp opening, with many tactical opportunities and possible sacrifices for both sides. Try solving these ten tactics to practice spotting these key ideas!
10 Challenges

Sicilian Dragon Model Game:

Gyula Sax was a Hungarian Grandmaster and frequent practitioner of the Sicilian Dragon. He won many fine games with it, but in this one he couldn't stand the sacrificial onslaught from Dutch GM John van der Wiel. See if you can find the moves in van der Wiel's magnificent attack.
1 Challenge

Learn the Sicilian Dragon

3 Lessons
13 Minutes
21 Challenges
Released February 16, 2020