Leonid Kubbel's Studies

Leonid Kubbel's Studies

Are you ready for some intriguing endgame studies?

Leonid Kubbel was a Russian composer of endgame studies. See if you can solve some of his trickiest and most beautiful problems. Get all of your tactical tricks ready.

  • Find surprising mating nets.
  • Break out a killer zugzwang.
  • Dominate all types of opposing pieces.

Leonid Kubbel's Surprising Tactic

Black's pawn looks scary, but White can win in this short and sweet study.
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel Beats The Queen

How can White's pawn and knight beat the black queen?
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel's Knights

Black has more knights, but White can escape. Note that three knights will typically beat one if there are no pawns on the board.
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel Dominates a Bishop

Try to show that Black's bishop is helpless against your tactical tricks.
2 Challenges

Leonid Kubbel's Strong Knight

Once again Kubble likes to let a knight dominate a bishop. Find your path to a win.
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel's Rook Against Bishop

A bishop can often draw against a rook, but not today!
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel Dominates A Rook

Black has an extra exchange, but if you're careful, your knight can beat the rook. How?
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel Dominates Another Rook

Once more, Black's rook is poorly placed and White can win. How should you do it?
1 Challenge

Leonid Kubbel's Studies

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Released March 20, 2022
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