Master Endgame Checkmates

Master Endgame Checkmates

You can checkmate with a queen and with a rook, but do you know the more advanced checkmates? Learn to checkmate with two bishops, with a knight and bishop and with a queen against a rook.

Finally, I understood bishop -knight checkmate and I can do it! - Chess.com member V1nce64

Checkmate With Two Bishops

Often in an endgame, the defending side will try to sacrifice a piece to eliminate the attacker's final pawn. When that happens you might need to know how to checkmate with just two bishops. NM Sam Copeland shows you how.
4 min
5 Challenges

Checkmate With Bishop And Knight

The hardest forced checkmate against a lone king is the bishop and knight mate. It's tricky, but if you learn the best plan, you can master this checkmate as well!
7 min
5 Challenges

Queen vs Rook The Philidor Position

Queen against rook is one of the most complicated endgames in chess. GM Josh Friedel is here to show you the key position to aim for to force a zugzwang and win the opposing rook.
13 min
5 Challenges

Queen vs Rook: The 2nd Rank Defense

If you've learned how to win with the Philidor Position, it's time to learn how to break down your opponent's more resilient defenses. GM Josh Friedel starts with the tricky 2nd Rank Defense.
21 min
5 Challenges

Queen vs Rook: The 3rd Rank Defense

How does an engine defend with a rook against a queen? It will typically try to keep the rook defending on the third rank. GM Josh Friedel demonstrates how to win, even against perfect defensive technique.
18 min
5 Challenges

Master Endgame Checkmates

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Released June 17, 2021
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