Mastery: Endgames

Mikhail Tal's Best Endgames

Mikhail Tal's Best Endgames

Play the endgame like a World Champion!

Do you want to play the endgame like a World Champion? Join endgame specialist, GM Alex Yermolinsky, as he demonstrates three of the best endgames played by World Champion Mikhail Tal. Although Tal was known as a brilliant attacker, he was equally adept at converting small advantages in the endgame and played them with his typical attacking style. Start playing the endgame like Tal today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to attack, even in the endgame!
  • Learn how to provoke weaknesses in your opponent's position!
  • Learn how to press for a win, even in drawish positions!

"Great Endgame, Amazing. Thanks, Yermolinsky, looking forward to the next vídeo Endgame series." - member grundhyde2004

"Excellent video! This was a very interesting endgame and great explanations of the moves. I look forward to the next one." - member Gartholomew

  • Bishop Vs. Knight

    GM Yermo takes a look at the best endgames from one of the most inspirational chess players ever, Mikhail Tal. In this lesson, see how Tal masterfully handled a tricky bishop-vs-knight endgame — a topic applicable not only to grandmasters but players...

    • 19 min
    • 5 challenges
  • Pure Magic

    GM Yermolinsky is back with another look at the subtle genius of Mikhail Tal’s endgame play. While the great world champion was rightfully known for his ferocious and sacrificial attacks, he was also a master of the endgame, as Uncle Yermo explains...

    • 16 min
    • 5 challenges
  • King Hunt

    Mikhail Tal is famous for his spectacular king hunts, but not all of them were in the middlegame. Sometimes the great master went after the opponent’s king even with most of the pieces cleared off the board — and he was no less deadly. GM Alex Yermolinsky...

    • 19 min
    • 5 challenges
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